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4 Reasons Why Your Credit Score Is Still In The 400-500 Range

Among consumers with FICO® Scores of 400, 17% have credit histories that reflect having gone 30 or more days past due on a payment within the last 10 years.

400 Credit Score: Is it Good or Bad?

  • Too Many Collections On Your Report
  • Too Many Late Payments

    The payment history is a very important factor in the credit score. A significant percentage of the value comes from this point. For this reason, you'll find the last 48 payments in your credit reports. This allows you to verify whether you pay on time or have delays. If the delays are frequent, the credit core score in the 400-500 range is almost guaranteed.

  • 80%-90% Of The Accounts On Your Credit Report Are Closed With Open Balances

    This normally happens right before the account goes into collections. Regardless of whether you have closed your account or not, most financial institutions will close your account for you due to non-payment of the balance due. It also causes another problem ... Shorter history of loan length. This means that all positive and negative activity on this account will become an irrelevant factor within 7 years of the last day of activity. A short credit history does not have a positive effect on the credit score because the lender does not know you.

  • Public Records

After reading this you should know how to increase your credit score.


400 credit score I have a credit score of 450. It dropped dramatically when one of my auto vehicles closed because the insurance paid it off. My credit score was once 640. I always pay everything on time but I came into some hardships and I owe money to everybody it seems. I'm only 20 so I really don't want my credit to stay screwed like this. I'm trying to get a loan for 5,000 dollars. I can't find one ANYWHERE!!! I don't even care if the interest rate is high because that's inevitable with my need it score! I have an old light bill that was from my mother of 2,000 dollars in collections, 1 phone bill for 600 and I have to pay off my 2 credit cards which are 500 each before they close both of them. Any suggestions.

repair credit score


In your case you should verify your debt, especially those with high installments. Paying interest is a waste of money. What interest do you have on credit cards? The most important thing is to settle and pay off your liabilities. Remember that debt collection companies will want to cooperate because everyone wants to pay.


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