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500 Credit Score Loan

If your credit score equals up to 500, this article is for you!

What are 500 credit score personal loans? These are loans that are aimed at people whose credit is still considered bad, yet not the worst. With such a credit profile you won’t be able to get a credit card or a regular loan – unfortunately, for most of the lenders, you are not credible enough to qualify for their services. But there’s no need to worry – some companies are ready to help you with your emergency. You just need to look for them.

First Steps…

In order to find the lender that offers 500 credit score personal loan, you should use search engine, such as Google – that’s the easiest and the fastest way. You need to spend at least few minutes comparing companies, their terms and credibility, but this is a must nowadays – after all, it is about your money. You have to check everything carefully – pay attention to opinions written by other customers, they may be helpful.

500 credit score

After You Choose…

You think you found the best offer out there? Good. That means you are ready to move on to the next step. Collect information about your future lender, be sure that you are able to contact them and ask questions. Don’t forget about the most important aspect – way of sending your application. Now, there is no need to leave your house in order to apply for a loan, but check this aspect just in case. You may want to contact your lender and ask about documents that will be needed in the qualification process. This way, you can avoid surprises and you will get through the mentioned process a lot faster.

Fulfilling the Formalities

This is the most important part of applying for the loan, because you will have to share your personal information with a new company. Remember, you have to do it right – no mistakes allowed! You cannot lie in your forms (there is no need to do it – you already choose an option that allows you to have a poor credit). Everything has to be written thoroughly. While signing your application, read everything carefully – you have to know every detail of your agreement so that in future there will be no need to pay too much for your oversights. Search for hidden fees and penalties, remember, your offer has to be clear and as simple as possible. If there is something you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask, this is the best time to do it.

Filling the form requires at least basic computer skills. When you don’t feel sure about yourself in that area, it’s better to ask someone else for help.


This is the most stressful part of applying for a loan – just minutes after you send your form. Remember that there is nothing more that you can do about it. The best option is to stay calm and patient. Most of lending companies give their response the same or the next day. There are fast personal loans that guarantee approval in a matter of minutes. While you wait, get some rest, watch a movie and try to forget about your financial problems – even though it may seem difficult.

‘Yes’ Or ‘No’

The most probable answer in your case will be ‘yes’ – as long, as you are employed and have a regular income. Surely, you will be glad and happy in such a case, but remember that the money that you borrowed are there because of an emergency situation, so spend it properly!

If your lender rejects your application, don’t give up! Get back to the first step and find another lending company. In the meantime, try to repair your credit history. There are a lot of ways to do it – you just need to find the best one.

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