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How to Get a Plastic Surgery with a Bad Credit

A lot of people have physical features they want to alter, maybe because it makes them feel insecure and uncomfortable but they can’t because it is very expensive to get plastic surgery. You shouldn’t let lack of money stop you from getting plastic surgery because you’d be surprised that most people finance their plastic surgeries through credit. Truth is, even with a bad credit history, there are still some credit options you can choose from to help you get that surgery you want. Some of those options include bad credit loans, insurance, medical financing, etc. You may even work out a payment plan with your plastic surgeon.

During the course of this article, we will shed more light on some of these various options to give you a better insight on the best option to choose if you don’t have a perfect credit history. Strap on.

plastic surgery

Medical Insurance

This type of insurance covers the risk of incurring medical expenses. With medical insurance, you don't need to worry about how expensive surgery is because your insurance will cover either a portion of the bill or pay for the full medical procedure. Although medical insurance doesn’t usually cover cosmetic surgery, if it is determined by a medical professional that the surgery is necessary, then insurance has no choice but to foot the bill. Here are some of the standard procedures that insurance covers.

  • Rhinoplasty or a nose job for people suffering from breathing problems or sinuses
  • If your weight is harmful to your health then insurance will cover weight loss surgery
  • Breast reduction surgery - Insurance will pay for a breast reduction surgery if it causes backache 
  • Eyelid surgery - If a medical professional confirms that your eyelids affect your sight then insurance will pay for an eyelid surgery.

There are some special cases where a second party’s insurance will cover the plastic surgery if it is medically relevant. For instance, you get hurt at work. Then your medical procedure will be covered by the workmen’s compensation. Also if you get hit by a car, or you get involved in an accident that is caused by the other party and you require surgery, then it is the other party's car insurance that will pay for the plastic surgery. Therefore if you have medical insurance, you don’t need to worry about getting plastic surgery because as long as you have a good health-related reason for wanting the surgery, then insurance will foot the bill.

Financing A Plastic Surgery With A Bad Credit Loan

Bad credit loans are loans given to people that don’t have a perfect credit history. They usually have a higher interest rate and more restrictions than normal loans to protect lenders from the risk of non-payment or default. You can use bad credit loans to pay for plastic surgery, but make sure you take the loan terms, payment period, and interest rate of the loan into consideration. Do not take loans that will send you to perpetual debt.

Some bad credit loans you should consider include:

  • Medical loans - These are unsecured personal loans that are used to cover medical expenses and cosmetic surgery that are important to health. Medical loans are available for people that don’t have good credit history and the amount given usually depends on the person’s income and ability to pay back.
  • Secured personal loans - This type of loan involves the use of the individual's assets as collateral. Hence you don’t need to have a good credit history. All you need is a good collateral
  • Installment loans - These are similar to personal loans but they have a fixed repayment plan. The loan is paid in weekly, monthly installments as agreed upon by both parties.
  • Home equity loans - These are secured loans. Homeowners are allowed to borrow from their home's equity. You don’t need a good credit history.
  • Title loans - Here the borrower uses their vehicle as collateral to gain access to loans. The interest rate on these loans are high but you don’t need to have a perfect credit history to be eligible.

You can get any of these loans online or from financial institutions like banks, credit unions, etc. It is important that you try to improve your credit score before taking a bad credit loan as it can help you get better credit approval, lesser interest rates, increased loan amount, and better loan terms.

Medical Assistance For Plastic Surgery

The government and non-profit organizations have some assistance programs that can help you get plastic surgery. The government gives you some low-cost insurance if you are finding it difficult to pay for medical insurance. Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, etc. Are all good examples of low-cost medical insurance that the government offers.

Non- profit organizations can also help you get plastic surgery as long as it is for a good medical reason. For instance “Free to smile” is a Foundation that helps children with congenital disabilities by footing the bill for their plastic surgery. “My hope chest”  helps women suffering from breast cancer by taking care of their breast augmentation surgery.

Speak To The Plastic Surgeon For Options

If you have bad credit but you need plastic surgery, you can seek help from the plastic surgeon as this can expose you to options like plastic surgery financing. Even though not all surgeons or medical institutions are open to in-house financing, they all accept Care Credit which is the most commonly used third-party medical funding. Care Credit is a medical credit card. You can apply for it the same way you apply for a credit card. A co-signer is important if you have bad credit.

Long-term Saving Plans Can Be Of Assistance

Long-term Saving Plans Can Help You Get Plastic Surgery If You Have Bad Credit. By saving a portion of your income, you can save enough money to pay for that plastic surgery you want so badly without borrowing money. You can start saving by first making a budget as this will help you monitor your income and expenditure. With this, you can adjust your expenses to allow you to save for your plastic surgery. You can also build your savings by investing. Also, try to reduce the cost of plastic surgery by choosing the least expensive clinics.

You can get that nose job or liposuction you want with bad credit. All you need to do is look at the various options stated above and select the best option that suits your situation. Note that it is always better to save for that plastic surgery instead of borrowing. So save today!.


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