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Loans for Young People

Students and young people have varied choices when selecting a loan. For students, the loan which comes with a long repayment term and the lowest interest rate is the student loan. Education loans become repayable after a student begins working.

In addition to student loans, different kinds of personal loans are also offered by numerous lenders to young people. But before selecting a specific personal loan, young people need to calculate the amount that they need to take out as loan and the amount that they can afford to repay every month. It is important to not overextend your finances at a young age.

Young people may want to take out a loan to fund some course or to purchase a car. When a loan is taken out from any financial institution, the principal amount that is borrowed has to be repaid along with interest on the loaned amount. Non-repayment of the loan as per the repayment schedule will result in penalty charges; hence, it is vital to ensure that you can afford to repay the monthly repayments before taking out a loan.

It is vital to understand that a longer tenure of repayment for the loan means that the interest paid on the loan will be higher, which means that the loan will effectually cost a lot more with a longer repayment term.

Loan young people

Loans for young people with poor credit

Having 'no credit' and 'poor credit' are entirely different things, but both make it quite difficult to borrow funds. Students may have no credit history if they have never used any type of credit or never taken out a loan. On the other hand, young people with a bankruptcy, passed missed loan repayments, or a CCJ County Court Judgement against them may have poor credit score.

Having poor credit or no credit does not mean that banks or financial lenders will refuse to deal with you. It just means that the options for young people with no credit or poor credit are limited; the amounts that can be borrowed will be lower and the interest rate will be higher.

There are many lenders who provide "bad credit loans" to young people with bad credit score despite the greater associated risk. Such loans however feature lower limits and increased interest rates.

Improving credit score

Young people can use many simple methods to improve their credit score, as stated below:

  • Wait for sometime between different applications for credit as every application leaves a mark on the credit report file. And if an application gets rejected, then it increases the chances of rejection from the next lender.
  • When authorities send details about the electoral roll, ensure that your name is on it. You may not get credit if you are not on the roll.
  • After creating some credit, ensure that all repayments are done on time. This will slowly help rebuild the bad credit history.
  • It is important for young people to know that the credit history is not the only factor that is taken into consideration by the lenders when determining whether or not to approve the loan application. They also look at the job, assets with you, and the salary, etc.

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