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Eliminating Negative Items from the Credit Report

Studies have shown that more than 39 million Americans had at least one mistake in their credit reports maintained by the three major credit bureaus, namely, Transunion, Equifax, and Experian.

The errors are not restricted to credit cards, but can also be related to other financial aspects like personal loans, student loans, mortgage loans, home loans, auto loans, or credit unions, etc. It can be any negative item that was reported in the past, which were detrimental to your credit score and caused you to engage in credit repair, or unwillingly accept the poor score, or personally correct the credit history.

Bettering the credit score does not always involve the usual suspects like decreased credit card debt, timely payment of bills, taking steps to raise the credit, reducing credit utilization ratio, or ensuring that the payment history is unblemished. In some instances, credit scores can be adversely affected due to uncontrollable circumstances such as erroneous reporting by a credit agency, identity theft, or wrong data in general; these factors often act as impediments towards renewing your credit and permanently bettering the credit score.

It is important to know that consumers have more say and power in getting negative items removed from their credit report than what most of us are lead to believe. When dealing with negative remarks on the credit report, we have to remember the facts that there is widespread bad management of reports by creditors and that the law always favors consumers with regards to elimination of negative items from the credit reports.

It is well-known that creditors, credit agencies, and collection agencies often report incomplete, inaccurate, and unconfirmed data to the credit report of consumers. The below listed tips can help customers remove negative remark from their credit report.

The first thing that needs to be done is to get a free copy of your credit report from each of the 3 main credit bureaus. Checking the credit score does not have a negative impact on your score as the inquiry is a soft pull and not a hard enquiry.

Carefully check the credit report, identify the negative items, and then make a plan to fight and have them removed. The cause of each negative item will be different; some may be related to collections, while others may be there due to a missed payment. Since the law favors consumers, you can use numerous technicalities to dispute the negative item and have it removed from your credit report. A few violations that can be used by consumers to dispute are mentioned below:

  • Having incorrect data about the amount owed by you, or lying about the owed amount. If the owed balance is incorrect by even a penny, then it is sufficient to get the negative item removed.
  • Calling you after 9 PM or before 8 AM
  • Threatening to sell/dispose your property
  • Getting your non-contact information from a third party
  • Giving incorrect credit information to a credit agency
  • Lack of signed contact which permits a debt collector to collect the owed amount from you
  • Presence of incorrect letters or numbers, missing letters, or blank fields in your documents, as it makes the documents unverifiable.

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